Freeadboards Terms of Service

You must be 18 years of age to use our website.

We offer no refunds or guarantees that you will earn money from our website or affiliate program.

We offer free and paid memberships.
You must have a account to receive commissions.

Paid memberships allow member to upgrade to a lifetime membership termed as PRO membership.

Pro members are allowed to earn 50% commissions on new members they refer from their affiliate website if that new member upgrades to a paid membership level.
Pro Members are paid within 7 days of earning commissions.

We do not allow spam (unsolicited email or spamming sites like facebook etc or chat rooms, bulletin boards etc.

Any members proved to be spamming will have all membership rights terminated and any commissions lost.

Any member that has full email or bouncing emails will be terminated without warning. It is important that admin be able to reach all members in a timely way.

Privacy rights and our policy:

We use cookies on our site. We do not store payment information on our website.
Your name and address and other information is used only in our database as long as you are a member.
It is deleted once you delete your account. We protect your information and will never sell it to anyone.

Refunds are not provided.
All members are able to post free ads daily to our website.
There is no cost to post free ads. 2 ads per day are allowed..


Thank you.

Should you need to reach us you may email us at admin [at]